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Murcia´s Special treat

"The other gift from Spain's orchard"

The region of Murcia, in southeastern Spain, is the birthplace of the Murciano-Granadina, the best milk producing goat breed in the country. It is a rustic animal, well acclimatized to the heat and aridness of the Mediterranean region, but with centuries of genetic selection for milk production. Its attributes include a stylized anatomy, a fine mahogany to dark-colored coat, great migrating abilities to take advantage of good grazing lands and a perfect milk producing shape consisting of large, well-implanted udders. 

The Murcian goat has a very high productivity, as many herds with just one milking session per day and one delivery per year, produce more than 600kg of milk per lactation, with mean values of 5.4% fat, 3.6% of protein and 14.5% of dry matter, which means an excellent cheese making yeild.

Murcia has two Denominations of Origin from pure Murcian Goat (order July/11/2001, BORM July/11/2001): Queso Murcia includes “Queso de Murcia fresco” (fresh Murcian cheese) and the “ Queso de Murcia curado” (Aged Murcian cheese). 

Labeled "Denominación de Origen Protegida" (D.O.P.)

  • Region of Murcia.


  • Type of milk: Murcian goat.

  • Aging period: Minimum 45 days for big pieces and 30 days for small pieces.

  • Shape: Cylindrical with a smooth reddish purple rind from the bathing in red wine.  

  • Weight: pieces of 400 gr., of 1 to 2kg approximately.  

  • Fat content: minimum 45%  

  • Flavor: Mild aroma, agreeably acid and a little salty.

Production process.
  • The “ Queso de Murcia curado” (Aged Murcian cheese) is one of pressed paste, washed and not cooked, of intense white color, creamy and elastic texture, that is sold 45 days from the day of manufacturing in big pieces (1 and 2 Kg.) and 30 days from manufacturing in small pieces (400gr.) 
  • During ripening, by immersion a variable amount of time, the cheeses are bathed in red wine twice, giving the rind its characteristic color and imparts a strong floral bouquet, providing the characteristic aroma.
Where to find Spanish Cheeses in USA Most of the Gourmet Food Stores in the US carry some or most of the best Spanish Cheeses.

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