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Cheeses from Spain
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64 - La Nucía


Also called Queso de Pastel. Fresh, made originally with goats´ , sheeps´ milk, or the mix of both, partially skim.
65 - Alicante

Also called Queso de Cabra de Alicante or Formatge Blanquet. Fresh cheese, slightly aired, made with goats´milk.
66 - Aracena

Serranía de Huelva
Also known Queso de la Sierra de Hueva, o Queso de Andévalo. Also Sudado, Picón, or Queso Añejo de Cabra. Aged cheese, from soft to semi-cured.
67 - Sierra Morena

Sierra Morena
Also called Queso de la Sierra Norte de Sevilla; fresh or aged, made only with goats´ milk.
68 - De Murcia

Also called Queso fresco de Murcia. Fresh cheese. made with pasteurized milk.
69 - De Murcia al Vino

Aged cheese, from soft to semi-cured, made with pasteurized goats´ milk, and aged by applying external washes with wine. 
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70- La Calahorra

El Sened y Guadix
Aged cheese, from semi-cured to cured, made mostly with sheeps´milk, although goats´ milk or the mix of both can also be used.
71 - Alhama de Granada

Alhama de Granada
Aged cheese, from semi-cured to cured.
72 - Serranías de Málaga

Serranías de Málaga
Also called Queso de Málaga or Queso de Ronda. Fresh and soft, made with goats´ milk.

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