The cheese form l’Alt Urgell y la Cerdanya (also known as Urgelia) is a soft cheese cured for a short time, that is produced in the mountainous townships of the northwest Catalonia, from pasteurized cow’s milk.


The production area is integrated by the townships of L’Arl Urgell and Cerdanya, in the provinces of Lleid and Girona, in the Catalonian Pyrenees.


The cheese is produces from whole pasteurized milk of frisona race cows. They have a cylinder shape, with a diameter of 195 to 200 mm. (7.5 to 8 inches) and a weight of around 2,5 kg (~5£). The rind is natural, slightly humid, of a brownish color. The meat has a creamy or ivory color, with lots of small, irregular holes though the whole cheese. Has a soft creamy texture, soft and deep aroma, smooth, nice and characteristic flavor.


After the homogeneization and pasteurization, the milk must be curdled at a temperature of 30ºC to 33ºC during about 30 minutes. Then the paste is cut and the serum drained. The resulting paste or dough is then pressed and shaped.

Next, it is submerged in brine (salt water) to acquire the light salty taste, at a controlled temperature of 10 to 15ºC, this followed but final drainage and airing.

Finally the cheese must be ripened or cured, in caves, at temperatures of 11 to 14ºC and a relative humidity of 90 to 96%, with a minimum curing time of 45 días. It is during the first days of this phase that some specific aromatic fermentation is added to the rind.

Is a cheese with a soft buttery taste, although intense and persistent. Very aromatic, cut in slices or cubes is the perfect mate for light dishes, from greens and salads to meats or withe fish.

We recommend eating Urgell with withe wines, dry or fruity, or with Cava brut.